expecting twins
Pregnancy and birth

Q. I have just discovered that I am carrying twins, of course I was thrilled, but I worry how much more painful this will make my labour and if it could have more of an impact on my body than if I were to give birth to one child?

A. Twins – how wonderful! You’ve a lot to talk to your obstetrician about in the coming months.

Overall, twin vaginal birth is recommended, if the twin closest to your cervix (the exit) is breech a planned cesarean will be recommended.

Some caregivers prefer twin births to be born with an epidural, but many women opt not to have the epidural and go on to have very positive experiences.

Your body is doing an incredible job supporting both of your babies, so it’s important that you are looking after yourself and eating well.

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Talk to your caregiver about visiting the NICU in the coming weeks as it’s not unusual for twins to arrive before they are full term.

Good luck!

About Tracy – Tracy Donegan is a midwife and author of the Irish Better Birth Book, and The Irish Caesarean and VBAC Guide, and founder of GentleBirth. GentleBirth is Ireland’s leading positive birth preparation programme.