Sex and relationships

Q. I get really turned on when my partner kisses me during sex. Do you have any ideas?

Trina says
You’re absolutely on the mark. A study out of the University of Albany showed men initiate open-mouth kissing to transfer libido-boosting testosterone to their partner.

Most people think their genitals are the only erogenous zone when in fact our entire body craves touch. Kissing different body parts during sex takes your sexual satisfaction to the moon.

An easy tip for many sex positions is while in the middle of things, pause to give light kisses on each other’s cheeks, forehead, jaw line, nose and closed eyelids. Not only is this unbelievably sexy, it also feels incredibly intimate.

Another hot idea is “The Medieval Necklet,” which is not meant for kissing lips, rather stimulating the tender skin around his or her collarbone
and neckline.
Begin nuzzling your partner’s neckline and then slowly plant small kisses from one side of their neck to the other. Pause between kisses so they can feel your breath along their collarbone. This is extremely erotic, because you are taking your time and savouring the moment.

Great Sex Tip
Not only does kissing help get you in the mood for sex; passionately kissing elevates your blood pressure and causes your heart to beat faster, getting you more excited, and making it easier for you to reach orgasm.