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Q. I have trouble with a recurring Bartholin’s Cyst. It became so painful and infected at one time I needed an antibiotic, but usually it just flares up for a few weeks and then calms down itself. Is there anything I can do to stop it flaring up or to treat it at home if it does flare up.

Rachel says
Bartholin’s glands lie in the labia, one on each side and they secrete fluid for vaginal lubrication. Women aged 20-29 are most at risk of infection. The gland swells and becomes very painful; they can sometimes become an abscess. I would suggest that you might benefit from having a day case procedure to have the gland permanently treated as you are having a lot of problems with it. Otherwise, there is nothing you can do to prevent recurrences. If you feel swelling and pain starting you can have a few warm baths a day or use a warm compress on the area to encourage the fluid to drain from the cyst. Antibiotics from your doctor are sometimes required.