Sex and relationships

Q. Is it normal for a happily married woman to fantasise?

Trina says
It is very normal and yet women fantasising is a touchy topic. To put fantasy into perspective, it’s okay for women to daydream about chocolate or a new outfit … but the morality police have somehow convinced her that daydreaming about ‘getting it on’ is not acceptable.
The truth is women have very colourful and active imaginations and when given permission can dream up extremely hot, erotic scenarios. This is definitely something women should use to their sexual advantage.
Perhaps it’s because women have such wonderful imaginations that they hesitate to share their fantasies with their partners. Some are afraid of the judgment or worse yet being called a slut. Some are anxious their friends might think less of them even though, ironically, they’re probably just as imaginative.

In the hopes of normalising fantasy, here is a list of women’s most common fantasies:
> Sex with a celebrity
> Sex with a woman
> Sex with the barista at Starbucks who is of indeterminate gender
> A threesome with George Clooney and Angelina Jolie
> Sex with a stranger
> Being dominated
> Dominating your partner
> Sex in a public place
> Group sex

Great Sex Tip
Fantasies don’t mean you are closeted lesbians or bisexual or into BDSM or looking for new, edgier experiences. As women age and evolve so do their fantasies.