Fitness and exercise

Q. Since I had my second child one year ago, I have been walking three times a week and watching what I eat to try and tone up. But it’s very frustrating as I am not seeing the best of results. I have probably lost about six pounds but I could do with losing a stone. How can I speed up my weight loss?

Jessica says
The good news is that it’s going to be pretty simple to speed up weight loss. If you’ve only been walking, your metabolism is crying out for a boost! A change in exercise is going to give you the boost your body needs to start burning serious calories again! Running, swimming, a group exercise class, like bootcamp or spinning, is going to give you the push that will help you lose weight at a quicker pace. You need to keep your body guessing and there comes a point when walking doesn’t cut it. Your body has become so used to walking that it requires little effort at all, whether it feels like that or not.
Resistance training is also going to be so important for you. Building lean muscle by lifting weights with a trainer or in a group session will help you to burn more calories while at rest, compared to now, where your body will be burning virtually no calories at rest!