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Self folding pram? Yes please!

For anyone who has ever struggled to fold a buggy – this one is for you!

Maxi-Cosi’s NEW hero pushchair, the Nova, has an award winning design that includes a hands-free self folding feature. Yes, you read that right – simply press Nova’s pedal with your foot and watch it fold on its own within seconds. Amazing!

The Maxi-Cosi Nova is suitable from birth with the Oria carrycot, Maxi-Cosi baby car seat or Baby Cocoon and will see you through right up to 3.5 years.

Take a look at this mic drop moment…

And the best part is…. We have one Maxi-Cosi Nova pushchair PLUS an Oria carrycot to GIVEAWAY! Read on to find out more.

Key Features

  • Unique hands-free folding. Simply press Nova’s pedal with your foot and watch it fold automatically in seconds.
  • Large all-terrain shock absorbing tyres and sporty suspension
  • Ultra-padded, ergonomic seat for optimal comfort
  • Flexible travel system with any Maxi-Cosi baby car seat or the new Oria carrycot
  • Premium leather-look finishes

maxi cosi nova

  • 3 or 4 wheel options
  • Award winning design
  • From birth with the Oria carrycot, Maxi-Cosi baby car seat or Baby Cocoon and up to 3.5 years

maxi cosi nova

Questions to consider before choosing a pushchair

1. Do you use public transport?

If you use public transport or have steps leading to your home that you would have to carry the pram up, a lightweight, compact easy to fold pram would be the most suitable option. There are some models where the seat unit will fold away, which are very handy if you are stuck for space or somewhere to store the pram.

2. Do you use a car?

If a car is your primary mode of transport, it is extremely important to make sure that the pram or pushchair you buy is able to fit comfortably into the boot. Check the dimensions of the folded pram and compare it to the size of your boot.

Another consideration if you use a car for travel is that it might be a good idea to invest in a multi-function travel system. This is a baby car seat and pushchair in one. This means you can transport your baby from home to the car to the pushchair without ever having to wake them up to move them.

Maxi Cosi Nova

3. Do you mainly walk?

If you are going to be walking while pushing your pram a lot, it is recommended that you opt for a sturdy model that has lockable wheels. The wheels are important as swivel wheels make the chair easy to manoeuvre, while fixed wheels make pushing the pram over rough surfaces easier to handle.

Also ensure that the handle height of the pram or pushchair is adequately suited to your size. Invest in a weather shield for your stroller to protect your baby from rain and sunshine. These covers are made from plastic or netting and include vents to allow your little one to breathe easy despite the elements.

4. Is the pram safe for a newborn?

While you are most likely buying a pram that will hopefully last for years, it is important that the pram or pushchair can facilitate the needs of your newborn. Newborn babies need to lie back and not be sitting upright. The pram or pushchair must have a lie-back facility. It is also pe-back feature that is reversible so that your baby can face you

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Ask Sarah

Q I’ve heard a lot about the Paleo diet and as I am very interested in reducing the amount of processed foods and grain based meals my family eats, we are considering following this diet. From what I read it seems to be a back-to-basics type of eating. Is a Paleo diet safe for children? My kids are aged seven and nine.

A The Paleo diet is one of the most fashionable diets around at the moment. It is also known as the ‘caveman diet’ and is based on cutting out processed foods, starchy foods like bread and potatoes and eating more meat, vegetables and fruit.
As fad diets go, it is not the worst but there are some good and bad sides to it. Reducing the amount of processed foods we eat is always a good idea and by doing that you will usually reduce the amount of fat, salt and sugar you eat, which is a good thing! The problem with the Paleo diet is that it also cuts out dairy (on the basis that cavemen didn’t drink milk) and this means that the diet is very low in calcium. For this reason it is really not suitable for children who do need a lot of calcium for growing bones. How did cavemen manage without dairy? They ate a lot more food than we do (up to 10,000 calories per day compared to the 2,000 most of us eat). By eating that amount of food they were able to pick up just enough calcium from green vegetables and seeds. To put it in perspective, you would need to eat 16 servings of broccoli a day to get all the calcium you need. This is easier to do if you eat 10,000 calories per day rather than 2,000.
The other problem with the paleo diet is that it is not entirely based in science. Many of the Paleo diets out there say you should not eat wheat, even though we know that cavemen did in fact eat wheat and other grains. These diets also don’t recommend that you eat blubber and the big lumps of fat that were also a large part of the caveman diet!
A final problem is that many Paleo diets encourage people to cut out beans and lentils and to get their protein from meat and fish instead. Many studies over the last few years are clear that eating too much animal protein is linked with more cancer and heart disease. Eating some vegetarian meals based on beans and lentils is a great way to get your protein without always going for meat.
Is this a diet we should follow? I think there is a lot we can learn from the Paleo diets. We could all do with eating less salt, sugar and processed foods and adding in more nuts and seeds as well as more vegetables. However, I think following a strict Paleo diet could lead to low levels of calcium and vitamin D and so it is not suitable for children or teens and adults would need to think about a calcium supplement.


Bath before bedtime

A bath can be a good way to help settle your little one ahead of bedtime, writes Lucy Wolfe.


Ask Tracey

Midwife Tracey Donegan answers your questions about pregnancy and birth

Q When should I have my first pregnancy scan? And how many scans should I get throughout my pregnancy?

Your first scan is known as your dating scan and is routine in all hospitals. Most mums will have this scan at their booking visit, which can be anywhere between 12-18 weeks. The earlier the scan the more accurate it will be. If you have experienced recurrent miscarriages some hospitals will scan you earlier. Contact your antenatal clinic for more information. In Ireland, most women will have two scans in a healthy pregnancy – a dating scan and an anomaly scan at around 20 weeks. However, some units provide a dating scan only. Private scans are also available in most cities and many parents use these services for additional reassurance and to find out the sex of their baby.