Help! My baby is breech!

Q Help! My baby is breech! I’m 36 weeks pregnant and apparently my baby is breech. What can I do to turn her? I really want to avoid a Caesarean! says Most babies have settled into a head down (vertex) position by 36 weeks…

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What is a membrane sweep?

Q. My obstetrician mentioned a ‘membrane sweep’ at my last visit. My visits with him tend to feel very rushed, so I didn’t get to ask him for any further information on it. What is a membrane sweep’and is it likely to be painful or…

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Hereditary risk of osteoporosis

My mother and maternal grandmother were both diagnosed with osteoporosis. Do I naturally fall into a high-risk category because of this or are there any preventative measures I can take? I’m 36. says Osteoporosis is a condition that affects older women. The structure of…

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My child won’t share toys

Sibling rivalry can come in many forms, and sharing can be hard even for grown ups. Our expert answer one mother’s question on how to manage it. Q. What should I do when my two-and-a-half-year-old won’t share her toys with our eight-month-old? says Sibling…

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