Contraception after kids

Q. We have finished our family and at age 43 I cannot decide what the best method of contraception is for me. I fear I’m too old to be on the pill, I suffer from migraines and so I’m terrified to try the Mirena coil or the rod implant. My husband is reluctant to have a vasectomy. I would consider tubal ligation, but the idea of surgery frightens me a little. What other options have I? says
There are several excellent contraception options available to you.

Firstly, the low dose oral contraceptive pill may suit you, provided your migraines are not of a particular type. Oestrogen- containing low dose pills are unlikely to worsen your migraines and are safe in women who are non-smokers and of a normal weight until the age of 50.

If you are not suitable for the oestrogen- containing pill, the progesterone only pill might be a good option. It is now as reliable as the combined pill.

The Mirena coil is probably the most convenient option for you, as you never have to worry about contraception for five years. It is quick and easy to insert and has the great benefit of also reducing your periods very significantly.

Tubal ligation or tying your tubes is no longer offered as a contraceptive option, as it has been replaced by the safer and easier option of the Mirena coil. Vasectomy is a great option also, and it is now a quick and relatively painless procedure done in the doctor’s surgery.

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