Holistic alternative to the pill?

Q. I’m not comfortable being on the pill and wondered if there was a holistic birth control method?

A. The pharmaceutical industry has conditioned women to believe her cycles are complicated, and understanding fertility is a great challenge. Not so. There is a holistic alternative to the pill.

The Billings Method was developed in the 1950s and involves observing the changes in female mucus secretions throughout the month—which follow a distinct pattern. Once aware it’s very easy to spot differences.

The method takes about five seconds a day. A woman can observe the consistency of the mucus and instantly know whether she is fertile or not.

You’re probably asking if this is an effective birth control. Various studies have placed the Billing Method’s effectiveness at 97.5% to 100%. The most comprehensive study was done over a year with a thousand Chinese women, and found when —used properly—incidences of pregnancy were at zero.

And remember, growing evidence proves hormonal birth control massively increases the risk of breast cancer.

As well, suppressing normal hormonal ebbs and flows wreaks havoc on a woman’s systems; everything from mood swings to weight gain. Many studies have confirmed hormonal birth control’s impact on libido, lubrication and sexual enjoyment.

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If eventually you want to get pregnant, using a natural method will make it infinitely easier to know your body’s natural windows of fertility and sex dates to aim for.

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