How to prepare a bottle feed

Here’s our step-by-step tutorial on how to prepare a bottle feed for your little one. 

1. Fill a kettle with fresh water and boil.

2. Once the water is boiled, leave the water to cool in the kettle for 30 minutes, but no longer. This ensures that the water is not too hot, but also that it is no less than 70°C. Water warmer than 70°C will kill any harmful bacteria that may be present in the formula.

3. Clean your work surface well. Wash your hands with soap and warm water and dry with a clean towel.

4. Read the instructions on the formula feed’s label carefully so you know how much water and how much powder to use.

5. Pour the amount of boiled water you need into a sterile bottle. Be careful not to scald yourself.

6. Add the exact amount of formula to the boiled water using the clean scoop provided. Adding too much or too little formula could make your baby sick. Reseal the packaging to protect it from germs and moisture.

7. Screw the bottle lid tightly and shake well to mix the contents.

8. Cool the feed by holding the bottle under cold running water or place the bottle in a large bowl of cold water. Make sure that the cold water does not reach above the neck of the bottle.

9. To check the feed is not too hot, shake the bottle and place a drop of liquid on the inside of the wrist – it should feel lukewarm, not hot. Then you can feed your baby.

10. Discard any feed that your baby has not taken within two hours. If your baby is a slow feeder use a fresh feed after two hours.

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