I’m struggling with hormonal anger

Q. Recently I am really struggling with the emotional side of PMS. I don’t have a regular cycle, but I feel I’m at my worst around the time of ovulation and for about three days before I get my period. I’m somewhat tearful on these occasions, but what is really upsetting me is how angry I am. The slightest thing can completely push me over the edge. I am not an aggressive person but the urge to scream when I’m feeling this way is overwhelming! I really don’t like myself when I’m like this. What can I do to stop it?

mumsonline.ie says
The emotional symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) can be very difficult to cope with.

Anger is a common symptom and it can be scary for you and your loved ones!

Firstly you should have a look at your diet and exercise routine around this time. It can help a lot to eat well and frequently to prevent high and low sugar levels from occurring.

Exercise will release endorphins, which stabilise your mood swings.

Vitamin B supplements can be useful to regulate hormone levels and improve PMS.

The combined oral contraceptive pill is excellent at controlling PMS as it prevents hormonal swings. In particular Yaz is specifically licensed for this problem and helps enormously.

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