Planning a baby shower

Planning a baby shower can be a lovely way of celebrating a mum-to-be’s impending arrival. Anne Reid has some tips for baby shower party hosts.

In Brazil, they call it a chá de bebê (baby tea), in South Africa, it’s referred to as a stork party, Costa Ricans hold a tea party called a té de canastilla (basket tea) and in the USA, you can have a lower-key diaper shower, also known as the baby shower.

Not everyone wants to have a baby shower, but they are certainly a growing trend in Ireland. No matter where you are, a baby shower is a lovely way to organise a get-together for a mum-to-be and her close friends and family.

Hosting the event

Hosting a baby shower towards the end of pregnancy could provide a welcome distraction for the expectant mum. Although the mother-to-be is not the host, it is important to allow them to have control over the guest list.

While hosting a surprise party for the expectant mum is a lovely idea, put the feelers out to make sure your mum-to-be will be pleased before you plan anything. Some people hate the idea of a surprise party and the whole experience could be a little overwhelming for a pregnant mother.

Some mums may prefer the shower after their baby’s arrival. This way people can buy items of clothing specifically suited to the baby’s gender. The party may also serve as a welcome distraction to a new, and possibly frazzled, mum. This could be some new mums biggest nightmare though!


To allow your guests time to get organised, send the invitations a few weeks before the event. Make it clear to your guests how you would like them to RSVP.

If your mum-to-be has registered a wish list with a particular shop, you can include the details of how guests can purchase from this list as soon as they send you their RSVP.

planning a baby shower

The party

Themes are a nice way to pull an event together. A boy or girl themed shower can even be a great way to share the news of the baby’s gender. Make sure to welcome the guests with some refreshments.

Maybe have an afternoon tea-and-cake bash, or another option could be to have a ‘potluck’ feast, where each guest brings a different dish along to the party.

Fun and games

One way to gently start off the games is have your guests personalise a onesie for your baby. Give each guest a plain onesie and a selection of coloured markers, and let them unleash their creative sides!

If the mother is still trying to come up with a name for her baby and is open to suggestions, why not hand around some sheets of paper and some pens to your guests and have them write down their favourite baby name, with an explanation as to why they like it.

Gift ideas

Always remember that new parents prefer practicality. Babies can never have enough of the essentials:

  • nappies
  • bibs
  • muslin burp cloths
  • cotton mittens
  • hats
  • socks
  • babygros
  • vests

So why not get creative and make a ‘baby cake’ using a variety of these items?

Baby blankets are another lovely gift for a newborn. Soft leather booties are often a big hit. Plush toys are always adorable but tend to be the one thing that a baby can have too much of! Always remember to bear in mind the importance of safety when choosing a toy for a very young child.

And whatever you do – don’t forget the cake!

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