Q I’m currently trying to get pregnant for the first time.

Q. I’m currently trying to get pregnant for the first time and am interested in understanding what kind of exercise I can do in the first trimester, before I tell anyone I’m pregnant. I currently have a personal trainer once a week doing weights and cardio, but I don’t want to tell him I’m pregnant (when/if it happens) until I’m 12 weeks. I’m pretty fit, having been training for a year but because of this he pushes me (as personal trainers should!) to try heavier weights and repeat till I can do no more. What would you recommend? Should I stop personal training sessions when I know I’m pregnant ?

mumsonline.ie says
You can keep doing exactly what you’re doing until you’re pregnant. It sounds brilliant, and it’s great to have something to focus on in those difficult pre-pregnancy times when all you want to do is be pregnant. Training with your trainer will have you in the best possible shape going into pregnancy. You’ll gain less weight, and be fit and healthy for your pregnancy and labour.
Once you become pregnant, I would strongly advise you tell your trainer as he can tailor your session tailored to suit your new needs. You’ll enjoy it much more, safe in the knowledge that he’ll look after you and make sure you aren’t doing anything that you shouldn’t be. You’ll need to change your sessions slightly so you’re not lifting super heavy weights or working out too strenuously. If you really feel that you can’t tell him, maybe you should stop your sessions until after your pregnancy and pick up jogging, walking or swimming instead? The best of luck with it, you’ll do great!

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