Q I’ve noticed my teenage son has ‘sticky’ sheets.

Q. I’ve noticed my teenage son has ‘sticky’ sheets. Does this mean he’s having wet dreams and should I talk to him about it?

mumsonline.ie says
Even though both teenage boys and girls experience this, wet dreams are more prevalent in boys as puberty increases his testosterone production.
While sleeping our dreams can conjure up images, which are pleasant, nasty or why-did-I-eat-that-pizza-before-bed confusing. When we experience pleasure in our dreams, our mind tells our body to feel it too. As our sexy dream reaches orgasm, sometimes our bodies experience the sensations as well.
Even though this is an extremely awkward topic to bring up with your son, it is important to discuss it with him. Your first step is to give him the, ‘your body is changing’ talk. Wet dreams can be alarming for some and he needs to know he is normal.
Next, if you’re “literally cracking the blankets in half” (thank you Bridesmaids), it’s time to talk with your teen about his wet dreams, masturbation and the changes going on in his body.
If this type of sex-ed conversation is simply too overwhelming then make sure to buy an age appropriate book and leave it in his room. The better educated teenagers are about sex, the better choices they will make.

Great Sex Tip
Adult men and women can also experience an ‘orgasm dream’ too…the trick is to not sleep through it.

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