Q With all the advances in fertility treatments.

Q. With all the advances in fertility treatments, how old is too old for a woman to try to get pregnant?

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No woman wants to hear that they are too old to have a baby. The truth is, our bodies are designed to give birth at a much younger age than we currently do. This is because of lots of different reasons – advancing your career, having several partners before finally settling down; reliable contraception etc. This has led to women having babies at an older age, and unfortunately there can be problems associated with delaying starting a family. Luckily, modern technology allows some women to become pregnant at older ages but once a woman’s ovarian reserve (egg count) drops below a certain level there is no technology that can reverse that. For some women, the age at which this happens can be younger than others. To embark on a pregnancy at any age the woman should be aware of any risks to both herself and her baby. With more and more older women having babies, the increased risk of Down Syndrome should always be discussed prior to conceiving.

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